Reunion Hotel Information

Lexie has contacted hotels in Roanoke to get an idea of pricing for off-campus accommodations:

There are three official Reunion hotels. Mention ‘Hollins’ to receive a discounted rate at these sites.

1) Country Inn and Suites (540) 366-5678 (105-120/night. The discounted Hollins’ rate is $82/night which includes breakfast).
***Many of us will be staying at this hotel. We thought it would be nice if those of us staying off campus stay at the same hotel. As this is one of the closest hotels, it might be wise to book soon as rooms will probably go quickly.

2) Fairfield Inn and Suites (540) 362-4200 ($130-160/night)

3) Hampton Inn (540) 563-5656 ($120/night).

Other hotels in the area that people may be interested in but are do not have a special Hollins rate are:

* Sheraton (540) 563-9300 ($113-140/night)
* Hyatt (540) 366 4700 ($116-130/night)
* Hotel Roanoke (540) 985-5900 ($140-200/night).


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